Robbe D. Morris

Sanford, FL 32771

Current Status

Possess a wide range of interests, experiences and skill sets. Everything from multi-lingual/multi-currency high end analytical applications (Gartner/Alinean) to managing entire call centers in the 1990's and everything else in between. Over the last 5 years, I've obtained considerable experience writing law enforcement related applications for the State of Florida Criminal Justice Interfaces, Evidence Labs, Warrants, Jail, Case Management, Finance, Civil Service/Records, Traffic Citations, Crash Reports, Juvenile Detention Centers, Cross County Communication and Data Sharing Applications, etc...

In my spare time, I am a Plural Sight author and create training courses for IT professionals.

Primary Skills (20 years technical + 4 years managerial)

Microsoft technologies:  C# .NET, Silverlight, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation / XAML), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation - Web Services), ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, ADO.NET, SQL Server, IIS, and Windows Server (2003 and 2008).  Other technologies:  DTSearch, VistaDB.NET, XML, Oracle, UNIX, FoxPro, EIS Call Manager, VarCTI (Tandem OS), JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML.

Employee development: trained software engineers, sales representatives, supervisors, trainers, and assistant operations managers.


Professional Experience

01/99 - Present  Equals Solved, Inc.   Sanford, FL

Owner of the software development contracting firm Equals Solved, Inc (the only employee and/or contractor).  Active and former direct contracts shown below include the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Brighthouse Networks, and the American Seniors Association.  My company also owns (.net developer portal) which has hundreds of programming related articles and answered thousands of forum questions.  Today, this web site is largely a part-time endeavor managing other writers/contributors, system administration, and advertising.  Took a break from contracts between October of 2009 and November of 2010, to work on web site enhancements full-time.

09/15 - Present  American Seniors Association (Part-time Contract Assignment-Equals Solved)   Bradenton, FL

Sr. Software Engineer

06/11 - Present  Seminole County Sheriff's Office (Contract Assignment-Equals Solved)   Sanford, FL

Sr. Software Engineer

10/09 - 06/11 .NET Developer Portal (Equals Solved, Inc.)  Sanford, FL

Took a few months off to work full-time on the portal. Upon completion of two big projects, returned to contract assignments.

03/09 - 10/09  Bright House Networks, Inc. (Contract Assignment-Equals Solved)   Maitland, FL

.NET Evangelist

06/08 - 12/08  Alinean, Inc.  Orlando, FL

.NET Evangelist

06/07 - 06/08  Equals Solved, LLC  Sanford, FL

Chief Technology Officer

04/00 - 06/07  Gartner Group  Maitland, FL

Sr. Software Engineer (Grade 12)

Sr. Software Engineer (Grade 11)

05/97 - 04/00  Sprint TELECENTER's Inc.   Maitland, FL

Programmer Analyst Level IV

Programmer Analyst Level III

05/94 - 04/97  APAC Customer Services Inc.   Cedar Rapids, IA

Systems Analyst

Programmer Analyst


Call Center Manager (Fort Madison and Newton, IA

12/92 - 04/94  Time Customer Service Inc. (Time Magazine)   Ocala, FL

Assistant Operations Manager

02/89 - 11/92  Neodata, Inc.   Omaha, NE

Sr. Sales Manager

Branch Trainer

Sales Manager

Sales Representative

Professional Education/Certification