Robbe D. Morris
Sanford, FL 32771

Current Status
Robbe owns which is one of the biggest fishing guide, hunting outfitter, and outdoor activity directories in the world. He enjoys deep sea fishing in Islamorada, Key West, and West Palm Beach, FL.  Robbe is a former Gartner Sr. Engineer, a bit of an entrepenuer, and always on the lookout for exciting sweat equity opportunities.
Robbe is also Plural Sight author. You can watch his video training courses by visiting his Plural Sight Course List page.

Primary Skills (16 years technical + 4 years managerial)
Microsoft technologies:  C# .NET, Silverlight, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation / XAML), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation - Web Services), ASP.NET, .NET Compact Framework, ADO.NET, SQL Server, IIS, and Windows Server (2003 and 2008).  Other technologies:  VistaDB.NET, XML, Oracle, UNIX, FoxPro, EIS Call Manager, VarCTI (Tandem OS), JavaScript, and HTML.

In January 2013, I was again awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.  ( MVP status is not a certification.  It is an award direct from Microsoft. )
In January 2012, I was again awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.
In January 2011, I was again awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.
In January 2010, I was again awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.
In January 2009, I was again awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.
In January 2008, I was again awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.
In January 2007, I was again awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.
In January 2006, I was again awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.
In April 2005, I received a prestigious Gartner Merit Award.
In January 2005, I was again awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.
In January 2004, I was awarded Microsoft MVP status by Microsoft for Visual C#.
In October 2003, myself and members of our team received Gartner's corporate Silver Team Award for Excellence.
In June 2003, myself and members of our team received Gartner's corporate Silver Team Award for Excellence for work on the Gartner Survey Generation and Data Collection Tool.
In January 2003, I received Gartner's corporate Silver Award for Excellence in the Measurement division.
In January 2000, I received Sprint TELECENTER's Y2K Readiness award.
In July 1998, I received Sprint TELECENTER's Operational Excellence award.
In December 1996, I received an APAC Excellence award for our digitized voice integration.
In February 1991, I received the Sales Manager of the Month award for high performance.

Professional Experience
01/99 - Present .NET Developer Portal (, Inc.)Sanford, FL
I own and operate this very popular .NET developer portal.  The portal routinely receives over 1 million page views per month from visitors wanting to learn about Silverlight, WPF, WCF, WWF, SQL Server, C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET.
  • Manage accounting and contractor payroll.
  • Manage ad networks and provide direct advertiser sales and support.
  • Research advertiser trends and develop adaptation strategies.
  • Conduct search engine research and optimization.
  • Provide system administration for Windows Server 2003 and 2008.
  • Perform SQL Server 2008 DBA duties.
  • Perform ASP.NET, Silverlight, and C# development for the site.
  • Write and publish ASP.NET developer tutorials for the site.

    06/07 - Present  Equals Solved, Inc.Sanford, FL
    Chief Technology Officer
  • As of November 2010, Equals Solved serves as the corporation I run my IT consulting contracts under.  While I still own the AdvancedXL technology mentioned below, it is not an active business endeavor.
  • Architected and developed our AdvancedXL Server, Designer, and Data Analyzer products.  This software family is designed to construct complex rule driven web applications from bits and pieces of Microsoft Excel files and integrate with them at runtime.  AdvancedXL utilized C#, ASP.NET, .NET Windows Forms, .NET Web Services, SQL Server, and Excel calculation engines.
  • Managed online marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Managed email marketing efforts.
  • Conducted sales calls with potential new clients.
  • Created training videos.
  • Managed accounting and budgets.
  • Own and operate the fishing charter site featuring great information on countries like Belize.  The site has over 17,000 registered fishing charters, dive companies, hunting guides, and tour operators.

    06/11 - Present  Seminole County Sheriff's Office (Contract Assignment)Sanford, FL
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Designed various ASP.NET 4.0, WCF, Message Queue, and Asynchronous Socket oriented .NET 4.0 assemblies/applications to interface with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement via the Florida Criminal Information Center and National Criminal Information Center interface.
  • Upgraded existing ASP.NET 4.0 applications that supported the Seminole County Courthouse and the Seminole County Jail.
  • Created an ASP.NET application for use on mobile tablets and PCs to track all inmate activities and locations throughout the Seminole County Jail.
  • Designed an ASP.NET user interface and created WCF services in order to share data in Seminole County systems with Orange County.
  • Wrote an ASP.NET 4.0 application that utilized JSON and JQueryUI to support the administration of warrants and writs for the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.
  • Wrote an ASP.NET 4.0 application to collect electronic timecards for employees.

    03/09 - 10/09  Bright House Networks, Inc. (Contract Assignment)Maitland, FL
    .NET Evangelist
  • Provided day to day guidance and oversight of all web software development activities, definition of our best practices, methodologies, and implementation of third party tools.
  • Lead the CMS migration teams for the television news web sites and  The migration involved moving from Ektron CMS to Open Text (Red Dot CMS).
  • Lead the implementation effort to convert many of our custom applications previously tightly integrated into our CMS platforms over to Microsoft Silverlight line of business applications.  This enabled us to have the appearance of tight integration without the custom applications actually being integrated into the CMS at all.
  • Implemented new architectural guidelines for combination offline WPF/online Silverlight line of business applications.  Created tools to generate solutions, projects, and source code to act as the baseline for our standardized architecture.  Conducted ongoing training classes on architecture and design.  This included both in person classes and custom built video based training.
  • Our team consisted of 10 software engineers.

    06/08 - 12/08  Alinean, Inc.Orlando, FL
    .NET Evangelist
  • Performed software development duties for Alinean's offline Enterprise ROI tool known as Pack-N-Go.  This tool utilized C#, WPF, VistaDB.NET, and Excel calculation engines.
  • Created the master architecture as part of the transition from the Java version of the Enterprise ROI tool to the next generation of Alinean's Enterprise ROI tools in 100% Microsoft technologies.  The next generation Enterprise ROI used a shared code base between the online version in Microsoft Silverlight/WCF/SQL Server 2008 and the offline version in Microsoft WPF/SQL Server 2008 Compact Edition.
  • Provided mentoring for 3 software engineers.

    04/00 - 06/07  Gartner GroupMaitland, FL
    Sr. Software Engineer (Grade 12)
  • Worked as the lead architect and engineer for the Gartner IT Leaders toolset.  This toolset enables Gartner to turn vast arrays of differing research into web based interactive data capture, analysis, and charting tools for our clients.  What used to take months to bring to market now takes days.  Gartner IT Leaders utilizes ASP.NET, SQL Server, C#, .NET Generics, and .NET Web Services.
  • I have lead the teams for Gartner Hosted Online Survey Tool, Total Value of Opportunity (TVO), K12 TCO Schools, Web Workspace, and Web Decision Engine.  When needed, I served as an advisor for the Decision Engine for Cost Management team.
  • Implemented the ASP.NET session management solution ScaleOut StateServer for IIS across our web farm.  This eliminated session loss issues with corporate users who ran their outgoing network traffic through proxy servers.
    Sr. Software Engineer (Grade 11)
  • Worked with a team of software engineers developing business analysis tools in an n-tier/object oriented environment with Visual Basic 6.0, XML, Excel, and Microsoft Access.  Our software, Decision Tools For Vendor Selection, is designed to build analytical database models containing very detailed information about a specific product and how the major competitors compare with each other based on the client's specific environment scenario.  The Model Authoring Tool is the parent software that constructs vendor analysis data models used in Decision Engine and eRequest.  I worked primarily on its user interface and business logic components that are also used across other applications in the business to business software family.  These components make use of in-memory COM object knowledge trees (similar in nature to an XmlDocument) with thousands of nodes running upwards of 26 levels deep.
  • In March 2002, the web workspace project that I architected and built was released.  It was designed to pull information from the analytical models (Model Authoring tool) and push the data up to our web server.  A server side process then reviews the data stream (compressed XML) and dynamically generates complex data entry pages for vendors to use while answering questions.  Upon completion, the data stream can then automatically be imported back into the desktop analytical models.  This software family is sold to various businesses in conjunction with Gartner's analysis of the products and services in question and is written in ASP.NET (C#), HTML, JavaScript, XML, and SQL Server.
  • In June 2002, Gartner's Network Capacity Planning was released.  This website is designed to evaluate a myriad of network usage statistics and return the exact amount of network bandwidth needed.  The tool supports an unlimited number of different customized versions to allow for detailed analysis under a wide variety of custom network configurations.  I served as the lead developer on this project.  The NCP website is written in ASP.NET, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Excel/MathCad, and SQL Server.
  • In August 2003, Gartner's Total Value of Opportunity was released.  This website is designed to expand upon Total Cost of Ownership principals and attach risk assessment values to it's calculations.  It is the next generation of Gartner ROI oriented tools.  I served as the lead developer on this project.  This website is written in ASP.NET (C#), XML, HTML, Excel, JavaScript, and SQL Server.

    05/97 - 04/00  Sprint TELECENTER's Inc.Maitland, FL
    Programmer Analyst Level IV
  • Provided project management for our Programmer Analyst's Level I-III.
  • Handled virtually all technical discussions and discovery meetings with our clients.
  • Designed and built the relational database structure and stored procedures for STI's internal data warehouse (AMI) in Oracle.
  • Designed and built our Blended Call Management Solution (VB 6.0) which provided Inbound/Outbound simultaneous CTI interaction with our Rockwell ACD phone switch and Tandem VarCTI CTI Server.  BCMS also had direct live integration with our data warehouse.
  • Architected and built our AMI intranet site and web based reporting solution in ASP and ActiveReports.
    Programmer Analyst Level III
  • Designed and created various client specific applications and processes in BROCK, EIS and Informix.
  • Designed and developed all new standard applications and processes in Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 and Oracle as they were migrated from BROCK, EIS, and Informix.
  • Started and ultimately led the "Accuracy in Measurement Initiative" (AMI).  This would later evolve into an integrated call center data warehouse with direct ties to a custom built call management platform known as BCMS.

    05/94 - 04/97  APAC Customer Services Inc.Cedar Rapids, IA
    Systems Analyst
  • Architected database schemas in Oracle.
  • Wrote Pro C and Oracle PQL jobs for reporting, data manipulation, and transfer.
  • Provided project management for new projects.
  • Responsible for the training and development of five Programmer Analysts.
  • Fully automated data transfer and load tasks between mainframe systems and our EIS Call Managers in the field.
    Programmer Analyst
  • Wrote UniBasic backend data manipulation jobs against UniData databases.
  • Wrote UNIX, C, and FoxPro scheduled jobs for data manipulation and transfer.
  • Wrote UNIX, AWK, and Pcode functions to interact with our digitized voice recording system.
  • Wrote Pro C and Oracle PQL jobs for reporting, data manipulation, and transfer.
  • Performed EIS Call Manager agent scripting and reporting.
  • Mastered a proprietary GUI application similar to VB utilizing Oracle as the RDBMS for AT&T.
  • Provided training and mentoring to two Programmers.
  • As APAC Customer Services grew, a long awaited position in the IT department became available which I accepted.
  • Performed EIS Call Manager agent scripting and reporting.
  • Wrote UNIX and FoxPro scheduled jobs for data manipulation and transfer.
    Call Center Manager (Fort Madison and Newton, IA
  • Managed and trained 1 Assistant Operations Manager, 6 supervisors, and 120 sales representatives.
  • Managed call center operations, quality, training, and business volume budgets.
  • Led client visits to our call center.
  • Led call center startup team for our new call center in Newton, IA.
  • Led community involvement activities with the Chamber of Commerce and area businesses.
  • Served as an operations laison to our IT department in an advisory capacity.
  • During extremely difficult times for the company, I also provided software development services on the EIS Call Manager platform.  This generally occured when the IT staff was overwhelmed with work volume and subsequent deadlines.  Failure to meet those deadlines almost always meant permanent loss of business and layoffs across call centers.

    12/92 - 04/94  Time Customer Service Inc. (Time Magazine)Ocala, FL
    Assistant Operations Manager
  • Managed a team of 12 supervisors and 200 sales representatives across day and night shifts.
  • Managed master product call schedules and volumes for the entire call center.
  • Worked closely with consumer marketing directors for Sports Illustrated, Time, Entertainment Weekly, and Fortune magazine to write sales scripts and develop attractive consumer offers.
  • Trained supervisors how to manage and train their own teams.
  • Led client visits to our call center.
  • Trained a day and a night supervisor to assume more of my day to day duties. Upon completion, I took over much of the software development for our agent scripting platform on the EIS Call Management System (previously just an off hours hobby/interest of mine).  Our real time dynamic consumer targeting needs went beyond what our developers could do or be trained to do.  I learned additional proprietary EIS techniques and code languages in order to write adaptations/hacks to our agent scripting platform.  These adaptations enabled us to target offers at runtime to specific customers based on customer attributes.  The performance boost from this endeavor spread across all of our clients which in turn brought in significant increases in new business.

    02/89 - 11/92  NeoData, Inc.Omaha, NE
    Sr. Sales Manager
  • Managed a team of 3 sales managers.
  • Managed a calling floor of 70 sales representatives.
  • Trained sales managers.
  • Managed master product call schedules and volumes.
  • Responsible for call quality, performance, and revenue.
    Branch Trainer
  • Devised new employee training courses.
  • Conducted new employee training classes.
  • Interviewed new employees.
    Sales Manager
  • Managed and trained a team of 25 sales representatives.
  • Managed product call schedules.
  • Interviewed new employees.
    Sales Representative
  • Sold a wide variety of products and services for Fortune 500 companies.

    Professional Education/Certification
    1996  Oracle
    Certified in solutions 2000 GUI database management system.
    1996  EIS Call Manager
    Certified in system administration, scripting, and pcode.
    1990 - 1991  Iowa Western Community CollegeCouncil Bluffs, IA
    Attended business management classes.
    1984 - 1988  Stanton Community High SchoolStanton, IA
    Graduated in 1988.
  • Completed business management and accounting classes.
  • Completed all available computer science classes.
  • Co-captain of the football and basketball teams.