Robbe D. Morris

Sanford, FL 32771

Current Status

Possess a wide range of interests, experiences and skill sets. Everything from multi-lingual/multi-currency high end analytical applications (Gartner/Alinean) to managing entire call centers in the 1990's and everything else in between. Over the last 5 years, I've obtained considerable experience writing law enforcement related applications for the State of Florida Criminal Justice Interfaces, Evidence Labs, Warrants, Jail, Case Management, Finance, Civil Service/Records, Traffic Citations, Crash Reports, Juvenile Detention Centers, Cross County Communication and Data Sharing Applications, etc...

In my spare time, I am a Plural Sight author and create training courses for IT professionals.

Primary Skills (16 years technical + 4 years managerial)

Microsoft technologies:  C# .NET, Silverlight, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation / XAML), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation - Web Services), ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, ADO.NET, SQL Server, IIS, and Windows Server (2003 and 2008).  Other technologies:  DTSearch, VistaDB.NET, XML, Oracle, UNIX, FoxPro, EIS Call Manager, VarCTI (Tandem OS), JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML.

Employee development: trained software engineers, sales representatives, supervisors, trainers, and assistant operations managers.


Professional Experience

01/99 - Present .NET Developer Portal (, Inc.)  Sanford, FL


I own and operate this very popular .NET developer portal in my spare time.  The portal routinely receives over 1 million page views per month from visitors wanting to learn about Silverlight, WPF, WCF, WWF, SQL Server, C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET.

06/07 - Present  Equals Solved, Inc.   Sanford, FL

Chief Technology Officer

09/15 - Present  American Seniors Association (Part-time Contract Assignment-Equals Solved)   Bradenton, FL

Sr. Software Engineer

06/11 - Present  Seminole County Sheriff's Office (Contract Assignment-Equals Solved)   Sanford, FL

Sr. Software Engineer

10/09 - 06/11 .NET Developer Portal (, Inc.)  Sanford, FL

Took a few months off to work full-time on our portal. Upon completion of two big projects, returned to contract assignments.

03/09 - 10/09  Bright House Networks, Inc. (Contract Assignment-Equals Solved)   Maitland, FL

.NET Evangelist

06/08 - 12/08  Alinean, Inc.  Orlando, FL

.NET Evangelist

04/00 - 06/07  Gartner Group  Maitland, FL

Sr. Software Engineer (Grade 12)

Sr. Software Engineer (Grade 11)

05/97 - 04/00  Sprint TELECENTER's Inc.   Maitland, FL

Programmer Analyst Level IV

Programmer Analyst Level III

05/94 - 04/97  APAC Customer Services Inc.   Cedar Rapids, IA

Systems Analyst

Programmer Analyst


Call Center Manager (Fort Madison and Newton, IA

12/92 - 04/94  Time Customer Service Inc. (Time Magazine)   Ocala, FL

Assistant Operations Manager

02/89 - 11/92  Neodata, Inc.   Omaha, NE

Sr. Sales Manager

Branch Trainer

Sales Manager

Sales Representative

Professional Education/Certification